Dan’s kindergarten teacher noted his artistic skill.

Many years later as a professional stock car driver, Dan was playing at art when he wasn’t driving. Art driving an oval or drawing a line. Now, Johdan Stone Art.

The globally respected Indigenous artist; Ben Henry is a friend and became a mentor.  The role of mentor might have had the ulterior motive of trading an apprenticeship in carving for a driver that would drive exclusively for him.

Art won the race and Johdan Stone Art sculptures was born.

It wasn’t long before Dan became a carver full time and his pieces have evolved into truly Johdan works of art. Johdan stone art soapstone sculptures, carvings show great respect for nature, bears (including dancing bears) and eagles are the main focus of Dan’s work but he loves the challenges a new commission brings. He also takes a great deal of pleasure in  restorations .

Dan believes you will find the perfect  piece of artwork on this site but, it may also open the door for your imagination to have Dan carve something especially for you.

Step right in.


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Canadian made but, shipped around the world.