Canadian Artist, Soapstone sculpture

Think pink

Orca Whale

Exhausted Polar Bear Asian Soapstone

Soapstone Yoga Bear #080330

Dancing Bears

Pendergrass The Dancing Bear # 080425

Think pink!!

I guess I was doing alot of that when you look at the carvings I have posted here.  Asian soapstone tends to come in the softer colours; white, shades of pink and it is very soft compared with black soapstone.  That makes it more fragile to work with at any moment this carver could accidentally chop off a piece of stone meant to be a paw or a head.  That’s the beauty of art, one minute it’s here and the next maybe not.

The number one favourite of the carvings pictured here seems to be the whale.

  This is my only whale (get it while you can) and I am not sure why I carved it other than I was carving penguins and watching alot of National Geographic.

The pink colour of the soapstone lends itself to a depth that is surprising when you see it up close and with the fluid nature of a whale body and tail the colour works wonderfully.  The pink bears give a totally different look , maybe closer along the lines of seeing pink elephants.  They make people smile and want to rub the bears’ heads.

On my shop pages you will see; Asian, Brazilian and Canadian soapstone and the range of colours that I have worked with.  As a Canadian carver working in stone from other places, it is very satisfying to see the art come together.

And of course, I love to carve stone wherever it’s from.

If you would like to commission me to carve something for you or want to buy something in the shop just head to the contact page or the cart and we can make your day.

Thank you for looking in.