Soapstone bears sculptures Canadian soapstone carver johdan

The carvings

Johdan Stone Art is carved from soapstone, alabaster some mounted on bases. As a soapstone artist known as Johdan, the sculpted soapstone art pieces are all unique pieces. Please visit the main web page regularly to see newly created art. Currently we have in stock; animal and nature forms . You will find in my artwork ; bears, maple leaf motifs, birds of prey and abstract forms.  These abstract works include dancing bears, polar bears, grizzly bears, black bears, eagles, birds of prey, fish, inukshuks, whales, wolves, owls, penguins, turtles, walrus, yoga bears. We accept commissions upon request. Each piece is created uniquely the different textures are filed, sanded or left rough. Some finishes used are clear lacquer, mineral oil ,bees wax.

Completed Works

Completed Johdan Soapstone Art commissions include; the Steelback Grand Prix of Toronto, the Toronto International Film Festival for best Canadian Feature Film , General Electric, Magna , Green Shield, Canadian Financial Industry Council, Ernst and Young, National Starch. Private collections include well known Canadian singer songwriter Ian Thomas and SLM Reichman. Featured Artist in West of the City Magazine. Featured segment on CHCH TV for TIFF 2007.

The Details

Johdan Stone Art created by one artist located in Burlington Ontario Canada. All artwork copyrighted Johdan Stone Art. Johdan Soapstone sculptures make perfect one of a kind gifts that are one of a kind and impossible to duplicate. Commissions welcomed. Johdan Soapstone Art repairs your damaged soapstone pieces . If you require a custom repair save all the soapstone pieces involved in the damage. No matter how small . I will always do my best work for you. Thank you for your kind attention.

Johdans soapstone art Home Gallery

We have a home gallery where you can view a large assortment of Johdans soapstone art wildlife carvings in Burlington. Call for appointment

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