Canadian Artist, Soapstone sculpture

Something about eagles

Something about eagles.

A person is either fascinated by these birds of prey or turned off by them.  Something like being a cat or a dog person I guess.

All wildlife fascinates me.  How each being thrives and survives is a wonder of nature.  The size of an eagles beak, the set back of their eyes, there are practical reasons for this in they find food, eat, feed their young etc. I try to capture the essence of the bird even when the carving is essentially abstract.  In neither one of the photos here are there wings but, I think most people would know they are birds and with the over hanging beak and set back eyes , these are no budgies.  The beauty of art in homage to life.

My fascination has led me from time to time to pull over at the sight of an eagle or watch nature shows for hours on end that shows hatchlings in their nest. I have moved to work a grizzly pup that was trying to get away from mankind (not such a good move if mama bear had been around).  Back to the birds.

I have yet to carve a hawk and I am not sure why.  The wings of an eagle in flight are very different from a hawk.I feel a kindred spirit to them but have not taken knife to stone to make an homage to the hawk.  That might have to be a future project. The peace I feel in the planning of singles, doubles abstract but interesting clients hands don’t generally reach out to touch the smoothness of an eagle the way they do a bear.

The life of a bird of prey fascinates me I suppose.  I will continue to maintain a certain respect while learning more about them.